Join us for a small and cosy Balboa workshop from 1st to the 4th of February 2024 in Rostock/Germany, featuring the dynamic teaching duo, Olga Marina and Andreas Olsson. We offer Balboa classes for two levels, one at the intermediate and the other at the advanced level, with each level consisting of six hours. The classes are divided into three days, this allows for sufficient time to practice and explore the city of Rostock, as well as the beautiful Baltic Sea in Warnemünde. Each evening will feature lively parties.

Olga Marina

Olga, born into a family of educators, was a dynamo from a young age, diving into music, athletics, martial arts, and gymnastics. In 2007, her fervent journey with Lindy Hop ignited her true passion for dancing. This marked the inception of her dance odyssey, delving into Blues and later Balboa. She embarked on a global quest to dance, learn, and compete, expanding her horizons. Sharing her love for swing music and dance, Olga ventured into teaching. Today, she stands as an international Balboa instructor, offering solo and couple Balboa classes worldwide. Her teaching style thrives on engaging students with challenging and enjoyable tasks, honing technique and musicality, and further nurturing their love for dance. Currently, Olga ardently pioneers a novel swing dance venture called iSoloBalboa, presenting offline and online solo classes for Balboa enthusiasts, aiming to refine technique and foster creativity and musicality.

Andreas Olsson, based in Stockholm, Sweden, is a multifaceted individual. He honed his competitive spirit through childhood wrestling and played the violin, which, surprisingly, laid the foundation for his innovative and musical approach to Swing dancing. In a previous life, he worked as a maritime archaeologist, fueling his passion for diving, history, and archaeology. As a dancer, Andreas stands out with his distinctive style, creativity, and musicality. He excels in both technique and social dancing, seamlessly connecting with followers of various styles. Emphasizing the importance of learning all swing dances, he considers himself a swing dancer above all. His teaching style is marked by warmth, making complex dance concepts accessible through inventive exercises. Andreas finds teaching inspiring, as it fosters dancer improvement and contributes to the ever-evolving dance styles.

Andreas Olsson
Rostock harbor view

All classes and most partys will be at the ZKD „Zentrum Kirchlicher Dienste MV“. The former adult education center in the Old Town of Rostock nowadays belongs to the Protestant Church of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The adress is: Alter Markt 19, 18055 Rostock

Saturday evening party will be at the PWH „Peter-Weiss-Haus“. The Peter-Weiss-Haus is an architectural landmark and an educational and cultural center in Rostock. The Adress is: Doberaner Str. 21, 18057 Rostock

We are still in the planning stage…

♦ Hammer & Timmermann, Acoustic Guitar Gipsy Swing
♦ Band 2: …
♦ Band 3: …
♦ DJ 1: …
♦ DJ 2: …

The Zentrum kirchlicher Dienste/ZKD is situated in Rostock’s eastern Old Town, not directly accessible by public transportation. The nearest tram stations are Neuer Markt, Gerberbruch, or Stadthafen, all within a less than 10-minute walk. If you’re arriving by car, please note that parking spaces are limited and paying places.

The Peter-Weiss-Haus/PWH is located in the heart of Rostock and can be conveniently reached via the Doberaner Platz tram station.

Rostock offers a variety of hotels and hostels for your accommodation needs. Alternatively, we recommend staying in Warnemünde for proximity to the beautiful Baltic Sea. The S-Bahn to Rostock takes approximately 20 minutes and operates throughout the night.

Early bird prices until 01.01.2024:

Full Pass: 180 € (150€ club members)
– 6h Balboa Intermediate or Advanced Level
– 4 Partys

Party Pass: 60 € (50€ club members)
– 4 Partys

Level Info:

BALBOA INTERMEDIATE: If you’ve been doing Balboa for about one to two years, taking classes or going to workshops, and you know the basics and have some moves under your belt, but you want to learn more, be more musical, and get better at the technical side of things, then this program is for you.

BALBOA ADVANCED: If you’ve been dancing Balboa consistently for over 3 years, participated in multiple international workshops, you constantly try to improve in technique and musicality and you’re seeking the challenge, this is for you! 

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Registration is now open! Although we’re currently in the planning stage, exciting things are on the horizon. Keep an eye out for updates on our upcoming Bands & DJs!

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If you feel typical Covid-19 symptoms, please do not attend at classes or partys. We recommend to do a corona rapid test each day.

We would like to point out that participation in the event is at your own risk and with complete personal responsibility.

Please conduct yourself politely and respectfully on the dance floor.

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